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  2. Pinemeadow Golf Yukon Offset Iron Set (3-PW)

    Price:  RM749.00

    In golf's earlier years the trend was to play clubs with zero or as little offset as possible. Once the market figured out that those iron designs didn't suit the needs for most golfers they started designing game-improvement oversize irons with increased offset.

    Like the driver and fairway woods, the Yukon irons are designed perfectly for golfers wanting to improve their consistency and accuracy of their iron play. What distinguishes the Yukon Irons from other irons sets we carry is the increased offset design, which will help square the clubface at impact. Maintaining a square clubface at impact is the most important part of the golf swing. The Yukon irons will help every golfer accomplish this feat.

    What Does Offset on an Iron do for You?
    An iron's offset is the distance from where the hosel enters the club head, to the farthest point of the on the front of the club-face, measured in millimeters. A club with a higher offset will contact the ball later during your swing than a club with a smaller offset.

    You want to contact the ball later because the point of impact, in relation to the timing of your swing, has much impact on where the ball will end up. If you have a tendency to slice, hitting the ball later in your swing means you will be given more time to square up as you follow through, and the ball will travel straighter as a result. If you're looking to fight the nasty slice and don't have the time or money for lessons to correct it the Yukon Irons are a great solution to improve your game.

    These irons are made in the USA and are similar in features and performance to the Taylor Made® Irons

    Technical Specifications (example: 7 iron)

    Condition:Brand New
    Hand:Right Hand (RH)
    Head Material:431 Stainless Steel
    Shaft Length:37 inches
    Shaft Flex:Regular (R)
    Shaft:Apollo® Steel Shaft (125 gram shaft with a low to mid kick point)
    Grip:Pinemeadow Standard Grip
    Finish:White Chrome

    Price is for a whole set from 3 Iron to Pitching Wedge (8 clubs)

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